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The Whole Story

Inspired by their love for hospitality, London Collins add an innovative and unique touch to every single event they attend. London Collins began their journey in London, with a career that stems from a lifelong passion and love for what they do. This commitment to perfection and creativity drives them to make every event one of a kind.

Having more that 15 years experience in Hospitality Industry as a Bartender, Mixologist and Head Mixologist, the founder of London Collins Alex Costa has put all his passion and experience to create an Event Company to therefore create memorable moments to his guests.

The co-founder of London Collins Diana Dimopoulou, with more than 10 years in Hospitality Industry as Waitress, Events Coordinator, Receptionist and Front Office Manager has put all her love to create something unique for all her guests.

We are dedicated to making your party a memorable experience. Every party is one of a kind. Every guest is unique. We will work together to provide a bespoke bar package tailored to your tasted and requirements.

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